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Transform your meals, metabolism, and mindset


The Gray Way


per month x 3 months


I need you to tell me what to do and keep me on track!

3 months 1:1 coaching

1 Virtual Nutrition Assessment Session

The Gray Guide – a fully customized guide, see an example here.

Personalized video explanation of guide with tips

Daily support, direction, accountability, and encouragement

Unlimited access to Gray Nutrition Dietitian


The Gray30


one-time fee

I need to follow

a step-by-step method!


Quick action steps to jumpstart your progress today

Self-paced, 30-day course with my proven Gray Way method

12 video modules

Over 30+ pages of resources

and meal plans

Weekly homework

Weekly Check-in Forms for accountability

Still need help deciding?

Let's see if we are a good fit,

schedule your Discovery Call today! 

Get a glimpse of
The Gray Guide

A guide to transforming your meals, metabolism and mindset.

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Real People. Real Results.

Emily has helped 100's of women to look and feel their best!
Women have seen results in as little as 14 days...

I've had over a 20lb fat loss from following her guidance. No fad diets or crazy plans. Simply a lifestyle change that is very realistic and easy

to maintain. 



Emily is such a motivator and has helped me in so many ways. I've learned how to eat and live a healthier lifestyle without any fad diets, gimmicks, or short cuts.



Emily designs your meal plans based on your level of physical activity, work/life schedule, food likes/dislikes and it's geared towards real, hectic lifestyles. After 2 short weeks I dropped 6lbs. After 6 weeks,

I was down 11lbs of body fat alone.


I knew what was healthy and balanced, but did not know what my body needed to properly nourish it. I had no clue what I was doing, now I have a better understanding of what my body needs. I now dont see this as a diet, but eating great normal food and seeing results.


Before working with Emily, I always felt guilty eating. Whatever I ate I will have to work off or just be upset I ate it. Now, I feel so much more confident eating whatever I want. I can have fun and eat all the stuff, I just plan for it. Food is not the enemy. All foods are fuel! Still working on feeling like that 100% of the time but on the right path!!!



Seriously repaired my relationship with food and my own body. Helped me start to work on a lot of issues I had around health, body, and food.


Before working with Emily, I hated getting my picture taken… I’m now feeling so much more confident about my body, especially the weight I’ve lost in my face! I’m finally eating foods I love without the mindset I have to binge it all so it is out of the house.


Before working with Emily, I was always alternating between random diets and stress binging. Not anymore!


Emily is worth every penny!!!!!


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