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Are you a "Quantity" First Person?

If you are someone that has tried and failed at:

1. Whole 30

2. Paleo

3. Isogenix

4. Beachbody

5. Cleanses

6. Detoxes

7. Keto

8. Adkins

You are NOT a “quality” first person. You need to change the “quantity” of your food and focus on quality later.

What do I mean by this? Check it out:

The first step to changing your body composition and having long term weight loss is NOT changing what you eat! It is changing HOW MUCH you eat!

I think a lot of people try to go from A to Z way to quickly! They immediately think to lose weight I have to overhaul all my food choices because the internet told me:

Bread is bad...

Dairy is Going To Kill Me...

I need to drink only these shakes and take only these pills...

Oh and not eat all morning long…

to be able to see weight loss....

Let me reiterate a couple things… and I loved how @optimizemenutrition put this:

The QUANTITY of food in calories determines your WEIGHT.

The QUANTITY of food in macronutrients determines your BODY COMPOSITION. (muscle vs fat.)

The QUALITY (vitamin/minerals) of your food determines your HEALTH.

Read that over a couple times…and again… and again…

If you are working to change your body composition and your weight… YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON QUANTITY OF FOOD.

Just because you decided to use a Whole 30 ranch dressing, dates vs sugar, or almond flour vs regular flour… doesn’t mean you are going to lose that 20lbs you need to become a healthier body fat %.

Is it a step in the right direction? Absolutely! But I want you to know that maybe it is not the best first step for YOU!

Lets give an example:

Your friend Sarah… she’s super into whole 30, she can afford to buy all organic, and she has self discipline to pick the salmon and veggies every time she goes out to eat, she also is 30 years old, still has her metabolism playing to her favor, and works a pretty typical 8-5 job, and loves to run.

Does this sound like you? If you are saying NO… then…



What if I told you we did not have to start with changing your food choices? What if I told you that you could keep:

the doughnut on a Saturday morning

enjoy the bowl of ice cream after dinner

have a glass of wine a couple times a week...

and still see those initial results?

I am going to talk about one of my clients…

She loves cream cheese and pretzels with wine for a snack while she is cooking dinner… is that the best quality of snack? No. But if I told her to change this to celery and carrots everyday she probably would not stick to that for the long run.

So what did I do? Put cream cheese, pretzels, and wine for her snack somedays because moderation is OK! So we cut the portion and accommodated the day around this snack option to make sure she stays in the right quantity of food for her day.

This provided her a realistic plan that she can consistently do, and we know consistency = long term results! Which she is seeing!!!

In my 4 step method the “Gray Way” we always focus on quantity first. We do this through my first step of: Preparation.

This is where I provide you 10 customized meal plans that hit your calorie and macronutrient needs demonstrating the QUANTITY of what you should be eating.

These 10 meal plans MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE AT from a food choice perspective…so they are completely realistic for you!

Does this mean I never work with you on quality of food choices? Absolutely not! That comes in Step #2 of my method: Prioritization… but before we can get to that we have to conquer Step #1!

Remember, true body composition transformation (losing fat) is not a sprint… its a marathon! If you are failing constantly at the short term fixes noted above and cannot get a grasp on your nutrition… try the different approach of controlling QUANTITY first… I promise it will be a game changer!

Interested in using my 4 step proven method for weight loss and body composition transformation? You can purchase my Gray Guide HERE!

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