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All about Protein Bars..

How to know if a "Protein Bar" is Healthy vs. Not

I LOVE protein bars! And let me tell you why:

  1. They are a quick and easy option! Throw one into a work bag and go!

  2. They are well balanced with carbohydrates, protein, fats, and fiber! It is like a mini well balanced meal!

  3. Pick the right ones, and they are made with high quality ingredients, limited sugar, high fiber, good fats, and are satiating (make you feel fuller for longer period of time)!

  4. They are great for pre workout fuel and post workout recovery!

  5. They are non perishable and easy to pack in a travel bag!


What makes a protein bar not as healthy?

Lets take this example of a "MET RX" Protein Bar


  1. Greater than 3g Saturated Fat

  2. Greater than 350mg Sodium

  3. Only 1g Dietary Fiber

  4. 22g Added Sugar (not natural sugars)

  5. 14g Sugar Alcohols

  6. A CRAZY amount of ingredients!

Lets look at a "RXBar" Protein bar for comparison


  1. Less than 3g Saturated Fat

  2. Around 350mg Sodium

  3. 5g Dietary Fiber

  4. No added sugars

  5. No added Sugar Alcohols

  6. Minimal ingredients that are recognizable!


HEALTHY Protein Bar Options:


What to look for on a protein bar label?

<3g Saturated Fat

Around 350mg Sodium or Less

Close to 20% DV for Fiber

<10g Sugar (unless coming from natural sources like dates/fruit)

Around 12g or higher of protein

Minimal/Recognizable Ingredients

*Not everyone of these "healthier" bars meets each one of these criteria but I believe this is a good baseline to start with.

*If you are finding the bar does not meet majority of these you probably should not buy it as a staple in the household!


Any questions about a protein bar? Don't hesitate to reach out and ask!


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