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All about Hot Dogs...

How to know if a Hot Dog is Healthy vs. Not

My top 3 Tips when Shopping for Hot Dogs

1. Look at the Ingredient List!

Ask yourself...can I recognize the ingredients in this product?

Lets look at two different hot dog ingredient lists:

Ball Park Beef Franks:

Ingredients I do not recognize: Potassium Lactate, Hydrolyzed Beef Stock, Sodium Phosphate, Diacetate?!, Extractives?!... YIKES!

Applegate Organic Beef Hot Dogs:

Ingredients I do not recognize:.... NONE! I recognize all of them! Much better choice!

2. Look at the nutrition label!

Lets look at two different hot dog nutrition labels:

Ball Park Beef Franks:

**RED FLAG**: We NEVER want "transfat" in our food! Also it has 6g of saturated fat...we want a serving to be more around 3g or less!

Applegate Organic Beef Hot Dogs:

NO Trans Fats!! Woo Hoo! Also only 4g of Saturated fat which is closer to the ideal of 3g or less.

What to be looking for on food label:

Around 3g of Saturated fat or less.

Less than 600mg Sodium

NO Transfats!!!

Ideally no carbohydrates or sugar (through unrecognizable ingredients)

3. Look for for brands like:

  • Applegate

  • 365 Organic (Whole Foods)

  • Thin and Trim

  • Organic Prairie

  • Tetons Waters Ranch

  • Hebrew National All Natural (still has 0.5g tranfats... so other brands may be better)

  • Natures Promise

  • Aidells is a great brand for chicken sausages

Have questions about a Hot Dog Brand? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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