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All about White Bread...

How to know if "White Bread" is Healthy vs. Not

Classic white bread is a tricky one. There are a lot of unhealthy, corn syrup added, sodium packed, "I don't know what the heck is in this", brands of white breads. I wish I could give you some riveting advice on 10 different healthy classic white bread options but truly there is not a lot out there. (Unless it is homemade at a fresh bakery!)

Sprouted grain breads, sour dough breads, rye breads, etc are a different story. Which we will go over in another weeks post. This week I am talking about true "white breads".

Here is my tip! Use this guide of "Healthiest", "Healthier", and "Don't Buy" when going to the store. I hope this gives you some visuals on what to look for in the daunting bread section!



#1: Make your own at home so you know exactly what is going into the bread.

Here is one of my favorite recipes: Don't Waste the Crumbs White Sandwich Bread

#2: Dave's Killer "White Bread Done Right"

What makes these the healthiest?

Known ingredients that we can recognize

Organic Whole Grains

No Corn Syrup

No Bleached Flour

4g or less of sugar

<10% DV of Sodium per serving



(maybe not the healthiest... but healthier than others)

What makes these the healthier?

No Corn Syrup

No Bleached Flours

<10% DV for Sodium

4g or less of sugar

*Sodium for Rustik is 17% DV but has minimal ingredients in preparation of bread



(ones to not keep in the house)

What makes these unhealthy?

High Fructose Corn Syrup*


Any questions about a classic white bread? Don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

*"High fructose corn syrup is a sweetener that manufacturers make from corn starch. As with other sugars, it can cause tooth decay, obesity, and metabolic syndrome when a person consumes it in large quantities." -Source

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