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Ditch your NO FUN diet and finally transform your meals, metabolism, and mindset for good!

I help people to:
  • Boost their slow metabolism​
  • Lose body fat not just "weight"
  • Stop gaining and losing the same 5lbs over and over again.
  • Get through those unmotivated times with expert support and accountability.



Real People. Real Results.

Emily is the real deal. Honest, educated, experienced, and lots of fun! In a society that births new diet fads and quick fixes daily, and in an industry that tends to prey on those so desperate to lose weight or improve their health or save their life - it is good to know that people and companies like Emily and Mobley Nutrition [now Gray Nutrition] are still out there fighting to help people the RIGHT way. If you're looking for comprehensive life-changing help and results, you're in the right place!


I worked with Emily for 10 weeks and definitely recommend her to anyone that is serious about getting on track with your nutrition. Emily's knowledge and passion are evident in her work with her patients. She will provide sound "doable" advice on your nutritional needs and back that up with timely feedback from any questions that you might have. Everyone "thinks" that they know what they "should" be eating/doing, but Emily absolutely knows nutrition and will help you get on the right "course"!


"Emily designs your meal plans based on your level of physical activity, work/life schedule, food likes/dislikes and it's geared towards real, hectic lifestyles. After 2 short weeks I dropped 6 lbs. After 6 weeks, I was down 11 lbs of body fat alone."


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